The skinny jean is on a slow ride out!


I guess I am a lover of the side part and skinny jean. If you get my drift, you get my age! I have memories of the stonewashed, high waisted with a button-fly and loose tapered legs in signature thick denim. These were the Mom jeans before it was a thing. I guess Saturday Night Live was on to something 😊

When the super skinny hit, I was swooning over Kate Moss and Sienna Miller and they became the ultimate jeans goal! Being in Iowa we are at least a year later than the NYC fashion, but soon everyone was into it!

When I opened Gracie’s you could only find Skinny jeans at market. No flares, no straight leg. Just a mid-rise skinny or distressed skinny. After years of the skinny jeans making, it’s mark! Perfect for showing off those tall-mid and shortie boots, it’s clinging on for dear life as it watches its younger sisters steal the limelight. Sure, I am still wearing them 60% of the time, but I know it’s only temporarily.

The first time I tried a straight leg I finicked with it for a good hour. Tried them on and off, hundreds of tops and boots hit the floor. Just not getting it to look right. The proportions somehow felt all wrong. They sat in my pile for at least two months! Fast forward to this past fall and I tried it again, oh how I loved it this time! The high rise, light, medium or dark wash and still being able to show those cute boots with it!

So, I am loving the comeback of the straight leg! They can be a staple item, while they work both cropped or mid-height, mid-rise of high-rise you will see a rise of the super-lengthening jean. Oh there are more styles I am on game with! The boot cut jeans! Yes, the boot cut jeans are back and and these can be the most flattering style! The flare! Oh how a flare jean seems nostalgic to me! Last, but not least the cropped jeans are here and being 5’10” this makes an easy transition for me. Most of my skinny jeans became cropped. I love the cropped jean with an edgy sandal for that Summer look.

We already have a few straight legs and cropped jeans ordered for our Spring/Summer line! As I head to market again next week I know we will be adding more to the line-up for Gracie's Fall look! 

In conclusion as I get older clothing is about feeling comfortable in whatever style you choose. Confidence comes from comfort! The denim styles at the moment are moving away from slick silhouettes to more relaxed and voluminous and I am always loving that!



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