We have been open just shy of 4 years! I have to yet to formally introduce myself on social media! Why you say, umm I am an extremely introverted, anxiety ridden kinda gal. It’s ok though it all goes away when you come through the doors each day! I thank our Lord everyday that he has placed me here and kept this business going because it’s defiantly by the grace of God that we are here. Never forget where you came from and why you are still here.

My name is Tiffany I am married to Nick and we have two children Sean and Mahraz Grace (Ma-Raz) family name 😊   I grew up in the driftless area and never really left it for too long! We tend to stick with each other and stay fairly private.  Except when I’m blasting their pic all over our business page. We defiantly don’t take many family pics so this is the best we got!  We dream of traveling and long vacations when our kids are grown up. It’s ok to keep dreaming that dream! Spare time, defiantly don’t have much of that! I love anything fitness related and this is also a huge part of my daily routine and life! Take the time, make the time, do whatever you have to do to take care of yourself! Decorah area has many great options for some great self-care!

Gracie’s Boutique was a thought I had since childhood! I absolutely loved shopping as a child! Dayton’s was place to be! Life happened and I got that daily desk job. Working in many different areas of finance. The thought was always there. One day I nonchalantly brought it up to Nick as he would often joke about it being my retirement job, but when he said “do it now, why wait” I slightly gasped. Leave my secure day job for a huge financial risk that could ultimately put my family in financial danger. What about my kid’s future, college and our mortgage? This still is yet to be determined if I messed that up for them, but living out your dreams is priceless. I guess they will have to take student loans out and work part-time jobs like we had to. 😊

I have met so many wonderful people though out this journey! If I haven’t met you stop in and introduce yourself. I would love to meet you!

I’ll leave you with this today.

               Everything may not be perfect. There are things that may need to change, but you have the grace to be happy today- Joel Osteen


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