A tad personal...

A tad personal….

I am not going to sugarcoat this blog! Owning a boutique has been the most difficult thing I have ever put myself or my family through. I dreamed of having a storefront of something from a very young age. I was elated when I was given the opportunity in my home area. Growing up near Dorchester the driftless area was in the need for some trendy-fashion forward stores. I was ecstatic to be a part of bringing that to you all!

When it happened, boutiques were just making a rise. They were trending, but the market was open. In now what I call a very saturated market where the term “boutique” is on every other building of main streets how can I stay relevant and up to date on what the market is wanting. Every single market, in some way, shape, or form is “saturated” Very rarely are you the lone pioneer waltzing into a brand-new territory, unscathed from the journey. It just doesn’t happen.

We are almost to 5 years in and supposedly that is the “sweet spot” so I have taken a step back, re-read my business plan, looked at what has worked and what hasn’t. I feel I have more “hasn’t worked” than “has” and it’s ok. A word that keeps coming up in my head is authentic. We want to be that "OG" of boutiques. The boutique where you walk in and find unique pieces that Amazon doesn’t have for you. The items that you step out and people ask “where did you get that dress”.

So I sit here today redoing most of our Summer orders, going back to my roots on styles and brands. Not following the specific trends that every other store has and being authentic to myself. Fighting through a pandemic, Amazon, and inflation will only make Gracie’s more desirable to the person who also wants to live authentically through their own roots and values!

Thank you for getting personal with me use code BLOG at checkout for 20% off. 



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